Behind every action that is taken when facing problems, there is a story to be told. Whether that is a story of resisting the problem’s effects, sustaining through difficult times or engaging with skills of survival and strength, that story can be explored and uplifted in ways that bring strength.

While meeting with me we will work to co-discover the moments in your life where problems asserted less influence. When we speak about those moments we can explore the rich history of those stories and privilege the skills, abilities, values, hopes, philosophies and commitments that were stood for in those times. Together, we can then consider how you would most like to move forward with what was co-discovered and get a sense of your next steps.

I have worked as a registered social worker and psychotherapist since 2008 and worked in private practice since 2013. I have enjoyed working in organizations that include addictions services, children’s mental health, school board social work, primary health care and the college and university system. I also work with the Narrative Therapy Centre as a faculty member to provide workshops and training in Narrative Therapy.

I work out of Ajax, Ontario and, at present, offer remote video and phone counselling. I am insured both for in-person therapy and e-services. I look forward to working with you!